Your life, your style

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Before, our home was mostly empty without personality. Now, I have very unique and personal spaces in which to entertain. I know I couldn’t have accomplished this on my own. Designers have so many more resources available to them than we do and Amy helped me navigate through those choices…and she made it easier than one might expect—with her temperament, talent, problem solving and vision. There was no intimidation—just fun with great results. If you have a reasonable budget, you can get a room that is a unique expression of you with the help of an expert who takes the time to understand you.

C.S. • Middletown, NJ
Residential Kitchen Renovation, Bath Renovation, Decorating & Design

From the ground up

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We are building our house in another state, so selecting everything from fixtures to flooring—during multiple house-building trips over a year’s time—can be overwhelming. However, during this time, Amy Yin has been the perfect mentor for ideas and decision-making. Working with our house plans, she guided us with fixtures, finishes, furniture placement, and paint selection. As the pieces came together, her advice helped me to make tweaks to selections, ensuring the cohesiveness of our home. Amy...listened to what we wanted to achieve and…carried us through the house-building journey.

E.B. • Berkeley Heights, NJ & Williamsburg, VA
Residential New Construction

One-of-a-kind solutions

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After 45 years in the business…it is refreshing to work with someone who knows what she’s doing. She understands the limits of different types of products and knows which products are best suited for certain applications. If problems arise, as they sometimes do, Amy works with her contractors to find solutions in a professional way. She is focused on getting great results for her clients and designs spaces [about] which we have said, "We have never seen anyone do this before."

Paul’s Walls Inc. • Expert Wallcovering Installer & Trainer

Family matters

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It was wonderful working with Amy and her team. They helped us transform our family room into a light, bright space that is comfortable for everyone. Our new living room also feels elegant and gives us the room we need for piano lessons, reading, and entertaining. They came in on budget and found family-friendly fabrics for our home. One of my biggest concerns…was buying a sofa that I would feel comfortable sitting in. Amy met me at the store and made me sit down in various styles of sofas until she got a good idea of what I liked. At the end, we are so happy with the results and look forward to having them back to remodel our kitchen.

R.G. • Short Hills, NJ
Residential Decorating & Design

Navigating choices with confidence

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I worked with Amy…on window treatments for my dining and living room. Amy guided us through the decision-making process, on design, fabrics and hardware…explaining pros and cons, and leading us to choices we couldn’t be happier with. She was conscious of staying within our budget and coming up with creative solutions to cut costs where possible. Amy is incredibly responsive, diligent and organized, but most importantly, she has a wonderful eye for design.

M.C. • Maplewood, NJ
Residential Decorating & Design

Getting comfortable with color

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In my 20s and 30s, I painted the walls in every home I lived in “antique white.” When I started working with Amy, who has since helped me decorate another home, I wanted to express more of my personality. She helped me become more daring and I avoided expensive mistakes picking the wrong colors or fabrics. I’m thrilled with the use of gorgeous colors throughout my house, which my guests say is such a reflection of me now.

M.R. • Madison, NJ
Residential Decorating & Design

Creating a sanctuary

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Our challenge was to transform a drab house into an inviting center for grieving families. Amy made our vision a reality. The house was transformed with amazing results...we created an incredibly warm and welcoming center for our families. We could not have imagined how wonderful our center would look and how much it would impact our families’ experience. The best part of working with Amy was the personal attention and direction we received every step of the way.

Marisa Bolognese, M.A. • Executive Director at Good Grief, Inc.
Non-Profit Decorating & Design (Pro Bono)

The power of partnerships

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Amy is a true collaborator and garners the best team of professionals for her projects. She is a pleasure to deal with and solves problems promptly and graciously. I would recommend her to anyone looking for outstanding interior design style and service!

Ahearn Cabinetry Designs, LLC • Certified Kitchen Designer/Home Decorating Magazine Writer

Office Rx

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I was so glad I hired Amy! She was a good listener and really heard what I liked and wanted my space to feel like. She also helped manage our meetings with other vendors and kept us moving forward and making decisions in a timely manner. I also appreciated her and Colleen’s advice on color. They were always available and responsive and they made a formidable project seem much more doable!

S.W. • Short Hills, NJ
Commercial Design: Health Care Office

We're always in your corner

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It is wonderful to work alongside people who notice the finer details, are sharp, and communicate brilliantly. I felt that I could relax and let your firm do your job—I had confidence in your ability to carry things through. Yes, sometimes things happen that are beyond our control or experience, and until those things happened, I didn’t fully appreciate the importance of hiring a design team to be on my side. You stick up for your clients and stand by your work.

M.B. • South Orange, NJ
Residential Decorating & Design