Full-Service Interior Design

The traditional full-service interior design approach delivers a comprehensive, floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall transformation of a whole room, sequence of rooms, or entire home or office.

Our team of dedicated, passionate professionals will lead you through every step of the journey—from envisioning and planning through installation and styling. Full-service interior design is the key to creating a home that is inspired, welcoming, and as unique as you are.

Customized Design Packages

Our most popular option, customized design packages help you to narrow your focus and stretch your budget when traditional full-service interior design is more than you’re looking for. We’ll do in-depth surveys and collaborate with you to define priorities, preferences and parameters for your project—then prepare an individualized schedule of services. There’s no better way to get design expertise when and where you want it most.

Single-Service Interior Design

Our single-service interior design packages are conveniently bundled to allow you to sign on for smaller-scale projects with a targeted scope. Each involves a one-time design fee plus a budget for purchases and contractors as needed.

The Perfect Fit Package

Let us make “special seating arrangements” for you with the Perfect Fit Package—a smart solution that offers custom seating for unusual spaces and discerning people. Add extra legroom to a luxe recliner. Overstuff an armchair for better back support.

Supersize or scale down a sectional. Each one-of-a-kind piece is specially made for you.

We can even arrange a sit-test with our sofa maker during production so you can give the green light when the cushions feel “just right.” With The Perfect Fit Package, there’s no compromising comfort for style.

The Stair Care Package

Transform your stairs with a custom runner. Covering bare wood protects the finish while reducing noise. More importantly, it protects you and your family from accidental falls. After guiding you through the carpet selection process at our trade-only, private showroom, we’ll coordinate every appointment and every detail through in-home installation and a final inspection. When you contact us for your Stair Care Package, safe and sophisticated stairs are just a step away.

The Pre-Build Package

Renovating or building your dream home? Let us review your construction plans to coordinate your interior design selections with your architectural specs. It’s more practical and cost-effective to plan ahead than it is to make decisions on the fly—or worse, to fix mistakes after move-in. We can map furniture arrangements to complement your architecture while opening up traffic flow and sight lines. We can enhance the decorative effect of plumbing and lighting plans beyond basic adherence to building codes. We can maximize storage and function in your closets, laundry, mudroom, pantries, etc. In the Pre-Build Package, you’ll make the most of your new home by tapping into our design expertise at the best time -- while changes can be easily made on paper. 

The Furniture Facelift Package

Take a vintage find from trash to treasure, or revive a tried-and-true heirloom that’s seen better days. The Furniture Facelift Package lets our talented network of craftspeople work their magic with restoration, re-upholstery, re-design. With details like a fresh finish, fabulous hardware, and updated feet and fabric, an old friend gets a new lease on life… and you get an original piece that fits beautifully into the way you live now.

Designer House Calls

Designer house calls allow us to provide focused, expert advice on an hour-by-hour basis, while offering a practical point of entry to the world of interior design. Here are some examples of common challenges we can address in a short visit to your home:

  • How to decorate one room at a time  We just moved in. Where do I begin?
  • How best to arrange furniture in your room  What is the ideal size for my rug, table, sofa, lighting, etc.?
  • How to make the most of what you already have  What should I keep? What should I refresh?
  • How to brighten a space  What color should the room be? What tricks of the trade can I use?
  • How to maximize your budget  Which pieces are worth investing in? Whose products give me a great look for less? What is a reasonable budget?
  • How to create a healthier home environment with eco-friendly fixtures, finishes and home care products  What should I look for?
  • How to add character and personality with accessories, artwork, or a special wallcovering  Why does the room feel unfinished? What will add a "wow" factor?

Our clients say a designer house call helped them save time, money, and aggravation before they embarked on do-it-yourself design. Call us today if you’ve always wanted specific design advice for your home!